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A Facial Hair Remover

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CASPRI is a new facial hair removal tool. It is a reusable, sustainable alternative to threading or waxing made using medical grade materials. CASPRI is designed by a woman of color in Oakland, California and Made in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Use It? Roll the CASPRI along the area above your upper lip. It will take some trying to figure out how the CASPRI works best for you and your hair. Go slow, try different levels of pressure. It might help to clean and dry your skin first to remove extra oil.

How Do I Clean It? Gently clean with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry fully. I recommend cleaning it both before and after you use it. I am prone to breakouts so this works best for me. Try hard not to deform the spring the coils.

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